Prevalence of erectile dysfunction can be seen most especially with men that suffer heart diseases, diabetes, obesity or living a sedentary lifestyle as well as those with mental health issues. Recent study also shows erectile dysfunction in some social vices like smoking, excess alcohol intake or drug addictions.
Men with erectile dysfunction do have repeated adventures such as:
Low libido (declined sexual urge)
Inability to get an erection
Or inability to maintain an erection.
If erectile dysfunction is left untreated, consequence is low self-esteem, relationship breaks or unsatisfactory sex life.
Many ED meds may be prescribed by your doctor;
Cialis (tadalafil-5 or 20mg)

Tadalis (tadalafil -10 or 20mg)

Man-G (sildenafil-100mg)

Viagra (sildenafil-50 or 100mg)

However, we are also taking into consideration, lifestyle changes and herbals that could complement these medications.
A healthy diet plan

Most fruits, veggies or whole grains (oatmeal, wheat, millet, brown rice, whole-wheat bread) either helps maintain an electrolyte balance or acts as roughage to cleanse or improve bowel movement.
Fish (salmon, sardines, tuna, and mackerel) contains omega-3 fatty acids essential in heart functions, reduce risk factors such as atherosclerosis or blood clot.
These are vital component that should be included in the diet plan to help proper blood flow.

Regular exercise

It is an important routine to consider when managing erectile dysfunction in men because one of its major significance is improved blood circulation or flow down to the penile area. Also in obesity, which is a risk factor in erectile dysfunction, exercise helps to lose some weight and stimulate sex drive by release of testosterone.


Quit smoking can help solve erectile dysfunction but it has to be withdrawn gradually to avoid a rebound effect. According to research, smoking could be linked to some vascular diseases, effect being narrowing of blood vessels or restricted blood flow.
Talk to your doctor about quitting.

Excessive alcohol

Research suggest alcohol intake could be very healthy for the heart as it helps reduce risk of some vascular diseases such as atherosclerosis when taken in moderation, however in excess it act as a central nervous system depressant where nitric oxide, a neurotransmitter responsible for relaxation of smooth muscles to allow blood flow around the penile area is produced.

Sleep pattern

Having a regular sleep schedule can go a long way in maintaining both physical and mental stress-free lifestyle, as stress and mental instability can be a risk factor too.

Red ginseng and pomegranate juice

These two natural treatments have been tested and proven in erectile dysfunction. Red ginseng stimulates release of nitric oxide which is quite significant in proper blood flow while pomegranate is an antioxidant that can help reduce risk of atherosclerosis. Both blood flow reduction and atherosclerosis are risk factors in erectile dysfunction.

Herbal meds

Many approved and unapproved herbals by drug regulatory system have been touted to treat erectile dysfunction in men. These herbals have unclear properties such as its mechanism of actions, potency, efficacy, dosing and side effect which makes it unsafe.
Although some certified herbals are available to manage erectile dysfunction:
ReviveManixAdam’s DesireAddyzoa (infertility and erectile dysfunction)
In all, it is very important to note that some medications indicated to treat high blood pressure; high blood sugar, bad cholesterol, depression, alopecia (baldness), hormonal imbalances, allergy or cancerous growth could precipitate an adverse effect such as erectile dysfunction.